Refugee- A human, who has been forced to leave his own country, his holy land, just to escape from these wars, tyranny, and divine acts has never got a chance to breathe peacefully, though the earth is well known for harbouring life. Did you know? One in every 113 people around the world is an asylum seeker or a refugee. This short film ‘Visa’ written and directed by Manish Rahatkar, is not a story of one family, but! It is the story of millions of families who ferret out for asylum. 21.3 millions of refugees were identified in 2015, where 51% of these were children. One in every 2 refugees is a child. But, this count is just an approximation, we never know! Who’s praying every second to see a miracle.

Shweta Basu Prasad  has played a tremendous role as a mother and a responsible spouse. This large short films has made a huge effort to promulgate a message of many, who are struggling for their survival with fear. In this breathe-taking situation, how this family plans to survive? How they’ll plan to escape to a different country? To find out this, you definitely need to watch this short film.



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