Smooth, cheesy and soft spread over a slice of bread is congruent  to our imaginative beautiful expected world, which doesn’t remain as expected for long. This pleasing experience is also accomplished when we lay down on our mother’s lap when we are glum. This kinship between a mother and a child is most alluring and  cryptic. ‘Mother’, the first beguiling word discovered in English followed by Love, Compassion and Eternity has given a different value and respect to a woman in society. “Peanut Butter” is all about a new perspective to abortion and single parenting.

This short film directed by Manu Chobe starring Gauhar Khan and Dhiraj Totlani gives a tweet to all the ladies out who are planning to abort a new life who is awaiting to see this world, thinking that this society would not accept him/her as he/she is being raised by a single  mother who is unmarried. Our society always see these things in different way. So, a woman, who has a heart to live her motherhood, brunts herself to abandon baby  thinking that it would change her life forever. A real man is the one who takes up the responsibilities from prelude to cusp. Hence,  a man must always support his partner in such situations. This short movie, will give you goosebumps by beautifully expressing the awe-inspiring relation between the two precious souls (mother and child).

So let’s check out ,how in this 20 minutes, a fascination in her confused brain makes her get stick to one decision, without getting weak in front of this fiending earth.


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