Vasu Sojitra lost his right leg to a blood infection at 9 months old. Vasu has always treated his amputation as a mere hiccup in life, Rather leaving his disability define him. “Out on a Limb” showcases Vasu’s inspiring story of his adventures into the to summit peaks, drop into avalanche zones, send cliffs, and ski deep powder lines, all completely unassisted.

Below is the trailer of the short movie

This outdoor short film leaves us wanting more and asks the audiences to ponder on a thought of obstacles in our own lives.


And here is the actual movie.

This movie is produced by T-bar Films. It is a passion project of two outdoor filmmakers, brothers Elliot and Tyler Wilkinson-Ray who founded it in 201. T-bar films has been into ski filmmaking and focusing on story-telling, specifically stories about resilience, passion.