Daulat! The movie which exactly panoplies contrary to it’s title. Our parents are like erasers, who wipe our mistakes, sacrifice, wither and disappear by making our lives sharp and beautiful as pencils. Sometimes! Their sacrifices are priceless.

Daulat is a 7 minute short film produced by Nithin Hirani, Pranav Gandhe and Mantha Shah, ascond trails a strong message among us. It’s a story of a middle class man struggling over increasing disbursement on goods and not able to do a bang-up job for his family. Frustrated over this, feeling anguished, he takes up a severe step in his life, thinking piecemeal that after he disappear, his family may receive all that they ever wished for. Is this a true daulat? So, let’s overlook the short film to decide that. Having to cede oneself is real daulat or not.


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