It’s a thriller, powerful short film that will directly hit on your paunch which deals with the propinquities between the present technology and society. Devashish Makhija’s terribly tiny tale ‘Agli Baar’ (The Next Time) connects modern communication such as Skype ,smart phones, the internet with the violent, iniquitous sectors and obtuse laws of our modern India, coming up with frightening thoughts towards urban life. It’s about the slum-dwellers who have managed to encumber the illegal demolition of their shanties. And the people approaching for justice in non-violent ways to high court are being stopped by these violent demons with one deathly screams at a time.

Sometimes, these gadgets have made our lives so difficult that we are unaware about who’s spying on us, that will make us think ‘who’s next’?. This short film will blow up your brains as what’s happening with full of anxiety, thriller and will take you to a world of consternation.



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