It’s both shocking and unexpected when a man falls from the sky. And that’s exactly what happens in the short film ‘A man falls from the sky’, directed by Jan Verdijk en Kurt Platvoet. This short film latches onto the discussions and debates surrounding the refugee crisis in the Netherlands.

In the film, Ton and Ineke Korrel enjoy their warm afternoon soup when a man crashes down from the sky, in their garden. When they have a look at the man who fell from the sky, they can’t agree on what they should do with him. He needs help, because the man who fell has broken his legs, but ‘what if he is contagious?’

Ton sees a dangerous species lying in his garden, while Ineke just wants to help. The situation escalates. The couple will soon find out who their other half really is. Hopefully before it’s too late.

The film wants to challenge its viewers through the dark and comical way it deals with such a heavy topic.



  • Director: Jan Verdijk, Kurt Platvoet
  • Director of photography: Thijmen Doornik
  • Editor: Luuk van Stegeken
  • Screenplay: Kurt Platvoet, Jan Verdijk
  • Music: Toon Habraken
  • Cast: Raymond Thiry, Jacqueline Blom, Matin Dadfar